About Us


DISA Anodes is a company engaged exclusively in the manufacture of materials for the Cathodic Protection Industry. The company has been operating since 1994 but its history extends back to 1978, when its founders started Cathodic Protection contracting and installation services. Disa Anodes operates out of a well-equipped, 4000m2 factory in Johannesburg, South Africa. Disa as a company is solely dedicated to serving the needs of the Cathodic Protection Industry, with our knowledgeable staff and comprehensive range of high quality products.


The company was named DISA, which is an acronym for DImensionally Stable Anodes, after the first products manufactured were Mixed Metal Oxide coated Titanium Anodes. The range of products then rapidly expanded to include cast and extruded anodes of various Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminum alloys. These anodes are produced with or without steel wire cores, in rod, ribbon or strips and available in many dimensions. DISA also expanded to produce Cathodic Protection accessories such as Reference Electrodes, Grounding Cells, Spark gaps, concrete products and many others, more information on which can be found here.


The directors and employees of DISA have many years of experience in all aspects of Cathodic Protection. This experience ranges from troubleshooting to survey, design, installation and commissioning. We are thoroughly familiar with, and dedicated to, the needs of the Cathodic Protection Industry. DISA manufactures products exclusively for the Cathodic Protection Industry and exports its products to all five continents.

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