Exoweld is the sister company to DISA Anodes, and was founded in 1984. Exoweld is Africa’s largest manufacturer of earthing and lightening protection materials. Exoweld also provides DISA with additional Cathodic Protection products, which enables us to deliver a comprehensive Cathodic Protection range to our customers.


DISA markets the well-known Exoweld range of exothermic equipment and materials. This section outlines these available products. For further information on Exoweld, visit

ISO 9001

Our Quality Assurance Division is responsible for carrying out routine tests in the laboratory, to ensure all products adhere to the strict requirements of ISO 9001. DISA Anodes is an ISO 9001 accredited company and the QA department takes the quality needs very seriously.


Ongoing product research and development is another function carried out in our laboratory, using the unique skills afforded to us by our knowledgeable people and years of experience in the Cathodic Protection Industry.

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