Our Foundry division has two magnesium furnaces, a zinc furnace and an aluminium furnace in which a variety alloys are produced from virgin metals. The Foundry casts billets for the use in our Extrusion division, as well as magnesium anodes of various shapes and sizes.


    Manufactured to protect buried pipelines, underground storage tanks and structures in areas where no stray current is present. They are manufactured with high quality magnesium, under strict quality assurance methods and come with a quality chemical composition certificate. They are available in Low and High potential. Copper cable connections are soldered onto the mild steel insert, which has been cast into the anode. These can be ordered bare or in a bag with backfill.

    Bare anode lengths available: 280mm to 1130mm.

    Bare anode heights available: 90mm to 150mm.

    Bare anode widths available: 80mm to 120mm.

    Packages anode lengths available: 380mm to 1230mm.

    Packages anode heights available: 145mm to 200mm.


      Used to protect the internal section of water boxes in heat exchangers. They are cast from Magnesium Alloy AZ63 and have 304 SS Tube inserts in the centre.

      Diamensions available: 15mm X 100mm to 50 X 200mm.

      * Non-standard dimensions can be requested

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